Our foundation

The mission of Classroom Culture is to provide a platform for professionals in education to collaborate

and lead. Professionals in education have always been at the center of managing, operating, and impacting change

in schools across the globe. However, their voices are not often heard, respected, or utilized.

Classroom Culture provides a safe space for professionals in education to network, share ideas,

and collaborate on education based  initiatives .



Panel Series

Classroom Culture believes that there is power in discussion. Our panel series brings varied professionals in education together to discuss issues in education. 

Previous Panels:

  • October 2017-East of the River Book Festival, "The Importance of Diverse Books in our Schools";   Washington, D.C

  • August 2016- Why The Sun Rises and Teacher Activism; Red Emma’s Book Store; Baltimore, Md.

  • May 2016 - Homelessness and its Impact on Education; Washington, D.C

  • May 2016- Women's Education Empowerment Dinner; NYC, N.Y

  • April 2016- Why The Sun Rises Book Launch; Ode To Babel; Brooklyn, N.Y

  • February 2016- Education Post the Obama Administration; NYC, N.Y


Round Table Series

Classroom Culture believes that there is power in collaboration. As an avenue to increase action on issues impacting education, Classroom Culture hosts exclusive round table events for professionals in education to share ideas and build partnerships. Participation is by invite only.

Please sign up for more information on our home page if you are interested in attending future round tables.

Previous Round Tables:

  • November 2016- The role of the NPHC in Education; Washington, D.C, Facilitator Meredith Chase-Mitchell

  • October 2016 - Education and Social Justice; Washington, DC, Facilitator Meredith Chase-Mitchell

  • May 2017 -The unique balance of educators who are also parents. Washington, D.C ; Facilitator Brieanna Boswel

We do what we have to do
in order to do what we want to do.
James Farmer Jr.