Learning outside!

By Sonia Hallaith
Sonia lives in London, where she was born and raised. She is an Early Years and Education Studies graduate with honors who has over five years experience working with children. Her passion and respect for educators is based upon her former teacher’s belief motivation. Her passion is to make education as creative as possible with an arrangeof unique ways to engage students. Having bonded over their belief that with the right frame of mind and motivation people can achieve anything Sonia knew she wanted to pass this passion onto the next generation on a large scale. It seemed like an impossible task until she watched the movie ‘Joy’ and learned about the humble beginnings of Joy Mangano’s business empire. Inspired by her success and having pinpointed that education was the most effective way to influence future generations – she’s forever brainstorming ideas to make education fun.

I wanted to share with you how you can use the outdoor environment with your learners. I am a big fan of teaching in a natural environment outside. 

"Its time toooo getttt muddy!!"

You can even take story time outside and relate the book to the outdoor environment, it’s fab! I did that with the book ‘Stick Man’ and 'We are going on a bear hunt’, my learners loved being outside and learning. They say creativity is;

  • Inventing
  • Experimenting
  • Growing
  • Taking risks
  • Breaking rules
  • Making mistakes

And of course HAVING FUN! The outdoors is the ultimate place where your learners can forever explore and develop their growth. I have also used the outdoor environment to create learning resources such as log number blocks. The log number blocks are great for practically everything, they are especially great for both the inside and outside environment to help your learners with number recognition.

IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE! To think of the outdoor space as a place to take a break from learning. We do not let children outside to let off steam then bring them back inside for the real learning. Rather, learning is done as much-some would say more-outside as it is inside.

Be sure to take your learning outside whenever you can!