From the Desk of a Substitute Teacher

By Danielle Morton

Danielle Morton is a Troy, New York based substitute teacher who doesn't drink coffee! She has innovative resources on her Teachers Pay Teachers site and you can follow her on TPT and Instagram under @theteacherwiththefro . Danielle holds a BS in Elementary Education and a MS in Literacy, she is also a talented piano player, and hopes to open a daycare center in the near future.

Being a substitute teacher? It is no easier than being the classroom teacher, if anything, dare I say it’s even harder? I am a fan of education, I enjoy the classroom, enjoy the students, and find that I make an impact in the schools I work in. I am currently a substitute teacher in Troy, New York and work as a building substitute which means I am working in one building. This unique format allows me to build rapport with the other teachers, the students, and the families. This school year is my second one at this school and I have grown to enjoy it even more. I entered the realm of public education initially in Buffalo, New York completing placements of students in wealthy districts in the Buffalo area. Over the last two years I have transitioned to working in an urban setting and have been fortunate to experience school operations and academics in schools with opposite access to resources and finances.

My students are, sassy, lovable, and eager to learn bunch, and like many other children, it takes time to build trust and grow with them. As I became accustomed to my role as substitute teacher when I started the job, it felt as if I was the new student, and in actuality I was. Each day was like the first day of school all over again and students will always try their best to test the sub. Haven’t we all? Becoming a building sub is an opposite feeling, I have become a part of the school family and have found a school home. It’s a wonder who more districts have not implemented having building subs rather than a different sub for each teacher’s absence? As a building sub the feeling is less nerve racking, the students know who I am and I don't have to meet a new group of students every day.  

Schools need committed professionals who are able to connect with children and teach effectively. Although I am not a contracted school educator, I see myself as an educator. My role matters to the students I see each day, even if it’s for a limited time. Schools need sincere adults- not space holders.

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