Pat on the back!

By Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson, Brooklyn native,  is an educator passionate about having real life connections in her classroom. She focuses on teaching her students about self love, forgiveness, and the rewards of hard work. She has managed to combine her academic inspirations with her love of reading and loving her only daughter. 

The day is here, the day that teachers have been waiting for.  Many of us countdown the days to some down time and relief. Our schools treat us differently and I believe this truly impacts how we view the last day of school. Teaching impacts more than the students, it also impacts us. It’s a profession that’s tests our will, our dedication, and self esteem. Over the years as a teacher I encountered schools with a school culture that has been inspiring and others toxic.


The inspiring school culture pushed me to want to do more. Work was rewarding, and working for a team that sees your value makes  you feel important and a member of the team. Just as we motivate our students, teachers need the same pat on the back. Our students blossom from encouragement and praise, imagine how effective that can be for our educators.

As you each take time this summer to relax and reflect, think about how you can be that inspiration for a peer. When you return to your school in the fall consider setting a goal where you will recognize your colleagues when they shine and offer a helping hand when they are overwhelmed. The development of a positive school culture doesn’t only start with school leadership, but also with the foundation of that school building —- its teachers.