classroom culture


Monique Leyden 

Monique Leyden, Classroom Culture’s co-founder is an Educator, Youth Motivational Speaker, and Social Entrepreneur. She has worked within various sectors of the healthcare and the education field for the past ten years. Her diverse background throughout her career has led her to develop a strong skill set in strategic planning and relationship management. Ms. Leyden currently establishes and secures partnerships with educators and also collaborates with teachers and community leaders to provide structural change in under served communities. She also serves as a trusted advisor to Founders and Social Entrepreneurs and helps to guide them through the execution process of programming and organizational goals.

Ms. Leyden has worked within the education field as a youth developer, adolescent specialist, mentor, and motivational speaker for the past twelve years. She has worked with students ages 5-18 from under-served communities in New York City, Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, and Kenya. She has provided outreach, guidance, and counseling to high school students through facilitating workshops focused on personal and professional development. She has also designed and developed curriculum for youth organizations, elementary, and high schools in the United States and internationally. Ms. Leyden is an avid believer in providing the highest educational opportunities for students. When asked what is her dream for the children of today, she replies "For each student to be provided with equal opportunity and provided with the necessary resources in order to achieve the highest possibilities to fulfill their dreams”.