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Soul Speak Education


It’s hard and beautiful to be a teacher during these times. Teachers are translating what is happening in the world and having the difficult, necessary conversations with students about their race, immigration, hate, love, misogyny amidst the data, testing, and school climate. Teachers are Love Warriors.

As educators and whole hearted humans, we need to balance being present and working with exquisite self-care of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.

These aren’t easy feats and it can isolating.

SoulSpeak: Education is circle of trust. This is the place to share the stories of your heart, to hear another’s story without having to fix anything, and to speak your truth without being fixed.

To be able to navigate these emotionally deep conversations of life, we have to understand what is buried below our surface. And, we have to practice truth listening, as much as we practice speaking truth.